International Networks

Facilitating R&E Collaboration Worldwide

International Networks at Indiana University (IN@IU) delivers network connectivity that fosters scientific collaboration and drives research and education (R&E) in every corner of the world. From niche projects to large-scale research efforts, IN@IU uses high performance networking as a tool to advance scientific diplomacy.

IN@IU connectivity around the world

But more importantly, IN@IU is more than just the network—it supports data transfers for researchers in over 185 countries around the world.

With the use of applications, team members are able to work directly with researchers and scientists to better understand and address data transfer performance issues, allowing for more effective use of the network and decreasing the time to scientific discovery.

Through use of NetSage, IN@IU tracks not only the performance of "top talkers", but also collaborates with the broader R&E networking community to find and fix inefficient routes that inhibit global transfer performance. IN@IU works with researchers from all fields, including high energy physics, bioinformatics, astronomy, agronomy, geoscience, archeology, oceanography. Our goal is simple: Enable high speed data sharing for collaborative research, regardless of the area of research.

Traffic flows of “top talkers” – those generating the heaviest use of WAN bandwidth – over IN@IU links in 2020.

IN@IU is an integral part of the global R&E networking infrastructure and recently received an additional $9.5M from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) International Research Network Connections (IRNC) to continue its 20+ years of work in this field.

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Looking Ahead

COVID-19 response

In 2021, IN@IU will examine how it can continue to support end-to-end data transfers of bioinformatics (and other) data archives.

Continued expansion of circuits

IN@IU will be deploying additional trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific circuits to support the NEA3R and TransPAC5 collaborations.

Route discovery

Members of IN@IU and EPOC will jointly support an international team to investigate preferred routing paths and to coordinate corrective actions if needed.